8500$ Value 3D Female Characters Challenge

baneris 3.jpg

Hello, everyone. I wanted to let you know that even though our 3D: Interior Challenge hasn’t ended yet, CGTrader is bringing you another challenge: Female Characters.This challenge has the largest value prize pool ($8,500) of all previous challenges!
All you need to do to enter the challenge is design a female character model and submit it to either one of the two categories:
Realistic (regular women, historical figures, girls, etc., representing various professions, including everyday people).
Imaginary (Imaginary character (sci-fi, cartoon, fantasy, stylized, etc.).
The Female Character challenge is open to all designers, no matter their field: both high poly and low poly models can enter the competition.

Our great partners at Allegorithmic, Marmoset, Quixel, Cebas, 3D-Coat, and FoxRenderfarm are supporting this challenge by providing prizes like rendering credits, software licenses and more!

We will also provide additional exposure to submissions with the tags #womenin3D #cgwoman by featuring them on our blog and social media!

You can find out more about the prizes and details the challenge by visiting:https://www.cgtrader.com/challenges/3d-challenge-female-charactersltQymXy.jpg