73 FREE ZModeler Tutorials

Have you wanted to learn the new features in ZBrush 4R7 but weren’t sure where to look? Well you’re in luck! Our own Joe Drust has just completed work on a series of 73 ZModeler video tutorials. Yes, you read that right. In fact, here’s what’s currently available on the ZClassroom:

  • 73 ZModeler Videos
  • 1 video for Array Mesh
  • 1 video for NanoMesh
  • 2 videos for the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge
  • 1 video for Dynamic Subdivision

There are more videos coming soon as well. But what are you waiting for? Head over to the ZClassroom and start mastering ZBrush 4R7 today!

Update: The videos are now on our YouTube and Vimeo channels as well!



Already watched them all, I really love Joe Drust’s Tutorials he explained all of the new 4R7 new features really well cant wait for more from Joe! keep up the good work!!!

me too! :smiley:

Please please can you make them downloadable?

agree.please make them downloadable.;):wink:

Yes let the vid be downloadable or able to watch on youtube with playlist v.v very annoying to click if you try to watch all the classroom videos to learn

Thank you for all these. :+1: They’re very comprehensive and easy to understand.

I like the short, bite-sized format, too. I’ve watched most of them, and they’ve helped me a lot.

Thanks a lot,…

Hello , you can download them with " all downloader " an add-on for firefox

here the link:

This is awesome, exactly what i need, tyvm

Thank You Joesph and Pixologic!

One of the great things I like about zBrush is the user documentation (which has a random 2.5D project that was fun to do) and zClassroom.

Seriously, really nice, easy to follow and free instructions on how to use the software, very appealing to new users and for refreshing.

73 videos, wow… did not even realize. I was checking them out as they were being released.

thanks for those great videos!

One thing that I don´t understand: you put so much effort in creating those videos, but don´t upload them to the pixologic youtube channel. Why?

Have always appreciated any tutorials by Mr. Durst.

Thanks to Pixologic for these.

There is a program, for sale, called Internet Download Manager, that enables you to
download videos of this nature, rapidly. You can also download YouTube, etc.

Update: The videos are now on our YouTube Channel as well!

wtg, was about time to put those vids on utube! thanks!

Update: The videos are now on our YouTube and Vimeo channels as well!

Thank you thank you thank you!!! :lol:

Now I can choose video resolution/ zoom/ change speed whenever I want! :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting the videos on YouTube. ZClassroom doesn’t play well with my slow internet connection. It’s pretty incredible I live in a rural area 5 miles outside the third largest city in Missouri and my internet is slower than 3rd world countries I have been to.

Since I don’t have a Twitter account and don’t want one is there a way to suggest a tutorial on loading up maps previously made in another program onto a model within ZBrush. I need to know this so I can use the map exporter plugin to generate some nice Normal maps. Shader Map 3 is failing me right now. This is multi map model (face, torso, limbs, legs…). Thanks and thanks for all the tutorials. :smiley:

All I see on the Pixologic YouTube channel is:-

“This channel has no content.”

Ok had to sign in first.