55joe sketch thread

i really like the brink concepts so i wanted to make one of the heads.
it was a quick sculpt and is not final, i proly wont finish it unless i repurpose it for some other model~



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great :+1:

thanks killah :smiley:
thanks rodion, really love your sketch thread !

i saw a sketch at cghub today and i wanted to just do a quck sculpt of it. the sketch can be found here [http://cghub.com/files/Image/159001-160000/159857/990_max.jpg](http://cghub.com/files/Image/159001-160000/159857/990_max.jpg) here is my sculpt. [7.jpg[/ATT]%3C/font%3E"]![7.jpg|570x829](upload://c1RCN2m54s3KiuQgAQ4Q2olJ8BN.jpeg)](http://%3Cfont%20color=%22#9a9a9a%22%3E[ATT=269325)

why does this not get more love? your work is awesome!

Wow! I love the details of your models, good job!

lol thanks killahpriest :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks fenrir406 ~ ill be doing some new sculpts sooner than later


did some anatomy studying over the weekend~

Hey face is looking good, I really like the muscle structure.

thanks fenrir !
trying to sculpt christian bale likeness for practice. its wip




here are some anaotmy tests i did using a sphere and dynamesh, i LOVE dynamesh


sculpting finer detail in zbrush on the metals and starting to sculpt body. did alot of messing with zbrush rendering. also redid certain parts in zbrush like insect eyes for cleaner results

killer work all around:+1:

Nice mech man top row :slight_smile:

thanks guys!:smiley:

Its really cool!:+1:

keep it up gud work

Great work on the mecha stuff.
Can you explain how you did the eye details in Zbrush?

thats vampire dghost and lmo!
sleepyhead : thanks, i just made an alpha in photoshop and turned up the amount of tiling in alpha>modify> H and V channels and stamped on the alpha. worked really well.

an all zb update~