50 Ft Concrete Sculpture of Lord Shiva

50Ft Installation of Lord Shiva!
Assembly of my Lord Shiva commission for a temple in Pokhara in Nepal, base mesh and pose blender 2.81, Sculpting Zbrush,
You can check out project photos here.

The humbling fact is this sculpture will remain for a hundred years after I die (concrete has a lifespan), unless an earthquake buries it, my entire career in animation & gaming, nothing will.

A lot of effort almost 6 months by a large team of technicians and Artisans and the folks who will transport this to another country follows the Digital Sculpting. My salute to them.


awesomastic as i always say keep em comin …

1.Lord Shiva’s bugle
2. the damroo would be just perfect on his trishul
3.Goddess Ganga
4.there are tiny bells also on his garland of rudraksha

are you going to place them afterwards just curious

I loved the art overall beautiful

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Hi Kumar, Thank you,
I used all elements requested by the patrons. I had asked about Goddess Ganga and the placement of the Damru. The anatomy the design I had ‘reasonable’ freedom to do my thing, elements not so much, In Temple commissions the patrons choice is final :).

wow …man… feeling really blessed to see the power of artist and technology…

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What a grandiose project @thomasphoenix :clap: Congratulations! Thank you for sharing :wink:

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Thank you for your kind words Jaime .