$5 Tutorials from Blizzard, Crytek, Game Loft etc.

Hello all,

Found some online:

Very cool man will have to try these out. I am signed up to Digital Tutors which has helped me learn Zbrush alot but I still feel after doing a ton of courses with them on Zbrush I have some struggles with things.

The main thing I am looking for is how to create small item’s for bigger props, things like, mask’s, belt attachments, clothing things such as the top of trousers, I think I need to brush up on Sub Tools and how to use them effectively.

I am modelling a character with trousers and a mask but as I said I can’t seem to find a way to model the little details such as the attachment parts of the mask (a simple belt that attaches the mask to a belt so it straps around the characters face.)

Any tutorials on the tools that Zbrush has to make small items like this would be fantastic for me :smiley:

yea there are tuts there that shows you how to sculpt small items such as what you are speaking of. good luck!

Thank you for sharing.
Favorited the site and will buy them as soon as my experience level is on par to take on the tutorials.