4R7 Beta Images - jBogh

Hey sculptors, I wanted to make a thread to dump all my 4r7 beta images into.
This first batch is from my very first tests back when all we had access to was the Bridge into Keyshot.
My focus was to get the lighting and materials as close as possible to the provided backplates.
Since I didn’t have a matching HDR environment this took some tweaking.
Ultimately I think I ended up using one of the default “office” HDR’s that ships with KeyShot.
I’ve learned a lot about KeyShot since these images were rendered over a year ago, but I think they still look pretty decent.







Always love seeing your work. These were great a year ago – they’re still great!

Looking good Jerod!

Mutte and Tristanartform thanks guys!! It was a great beta testing group to be a part of, much inspiration!

So here’s a few more. This time it’s an Orchid Pixie. I’ve revived this project and plan on finishing her out for a series of 3D prints!
Hopefully more on that soon. Until then, here’s some KeyShot clay.


Very nice! Did you create her skin tight body suit webbing from a mask > extract or some other way?

Wow! These are beautiful Jerod!

I have some questions but dont want to distract the thread, great work!


Thanks Tristan, yeah you nailed it. It’s an extraction from a mask. I had her in a T-Pose to start with, and posed her on a layer.
So I turned the pose off, did all my masking on the Tpose with a new layer, and then simply turned the pose layer back on and the mask followed.
Then I did the extract and rounded the edges with some polish and smooth.
I’m still experimenting with poses and different kinds of “clothing” so we’ll see how she ends up.

Toddd, thanks man! No worries you can always PM me or find me on FB too!

Ok so here are a few more from my clay tests. Luxion contacted me about making an image they could use for a splash screen when the Bridge is engaged. These images were rendered with a .png transparency so they could drop them on top of anything they wanted, and I just added the backplate in afterwards.

This is Mantis Face 2.0 -


Real nice works, thanks for sharing. Iv downloaded the Keyshot 5.1 demo, but cant seem to find the same background/environments as you are showing, are these exclusive to Zbrush version?


Thanks Dan!

It’s part of a materials pack that the Pixologic guys put together.
If you purchased the bridge to keyshot, there should be a link to download them in your email.
The installer adds the materials, HDR’s, and Backplates to the default keyshot directories for you.
Hope that helps!

how to get this backplate any idea? please help!