4884 Steam Locomotive

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share my 4884 train I modeled entirely in ZBrush. Mostly using ZModeler, but also found the Booleans (with dynamesh) and the topology brush came in handy a lot. I had a blast making it! Hope everyone has a great day!


Henry Chervenka







Very nice modeling. Must have taken a while to do that. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Crazy work. :smiley: Well worth a top row. :sunglasses: :+1:

Thank you zber2! Took awhile to make :smiley:
Thank you Ghostman! :smiley:

Exceptional work. Check out the Duluth Minnesota railroad museum for more railroad inspiration.

in Wisconsin there is

Great work !

Thank you radioactivedog for the links, lots of great locomotive inspiration there!

Thank you q879096600! :smiley:

really great work. bravooooo and great use of zmodeler

Thank you vahidahmadizb2016!

Excellent work, insane amount of details, well done!

Thank you dillster! :smiley:

Nice integration and modelling man.

Do you plan some kind of diorama with it?

Thank you Scote! :smiley:
No… no diorama with it.

Awesome work!!! Absolutely great!!

Exceptional! Great and inspiring work!

I assume you’re experienced with other modeling packages. How do you compare zmodler to them?

Thank you AbbY-Art! :smiley:
Thanks nebular! ZModeler makes it really fast and easy compared to other modeling packages. I was able to block out the major shapes really fast and focus on my proportions. I used to go from Maya to ZBrush, but now I try to stay in ZBrush as long as I can.

Thank you guys at Pixologic! I am extremely honored to be featured on Top Row!!

Hey, Concept is good :slight_smile:

I like the idea :+1:

impressive work !

Thank you @Muslim :smiley:
Thank you @nightwoodwolf! :smiley: