4 Short Tutorials going over what's new in Z Brush 4R8

I created 4 videos that quickly go over the new features in Zbrush 4R8. The videos are designed to be straight to the point so those looking to see how to use Boolean operations, or create VDM’s wont have to wait a long time to get to the actual content. Love feedback, let me know what you think.

Live Boolean is fun but when you want to export to Unreal Engine 4
you need to uv unwrap your object and when I do that
I love all my polypaint texture information:(
is there anyway to still go about uv unwrapping and retaining
the polypaint information you can generate with Live Boolean?

another thing, I have three insert multi mesh objects all in the same group.
Each mesh i have applied a uv map, polypaint information and reduced the colored insert multi meshes
to work well in there brush. Looking at the meshes that appear on top I can
see the colored meshes I can choose from. I try and draw any of them out on
my canvas and I don’t have any color. Just grey. Can anyone help me so I can
use the meshes with the color I put on them?