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Here’s a link to a PDF of the article I was asked to write for 3d creative mag from this months issue (for those you don’t buy it), on speed sculpting I’ve of 3DCreative mag on various areas of Zbrush and it’s uses etc…

Hope it comes in handy to someone.



Thanks for posting the article, was a good quick read while being pretty concise in such a limited format/length of the article. This is definitely handy to all folks using zbrush, beginner or otherwise, always good to see varied approaches to the uses of zbrush. Seen this sculpt I believe here on zbc I think a bit ago, always nice taking another look at very good work!! Be watching for more of your work and articles. :+1: :+1:

I’m glad you liked it. Hopefuly I’ve found the right blance of length and content (something as a professional writer I’m always striving for in everything I do.) Its prety fair to say that it’lll be pretty hard to avoid my articles etc next year lol. I have quite a lot of them lined up.


Thanks for the link! Even though you didnt go into extensive detail about modeling the ear, the mentioning of mesh extraction > sculpting > insert mesh really helped out a lot.

Gotta be nice to have your own article in a 3d mag :wink:

Thanks, :slight_smile: Inevitably there’s always a trade off when writing articles between length and content. So unless its a multi parter (and I’m currently writing quite a few of those for them) some stuff has to get cut out to meet the word count. I’ve been writing professionally since I was 14 (starting back in the days when there was no internet 22 years ago), so the 3d stuff is great to do as its something I love. The other stuff was on totally unrelated stuff BTW.

Usually I only link to stuff that is going to be of use to members here as some articles are aimed at those who have never touched ZBrush before. So 98% of people here would already know it lol. (Hence why I haven’t ‘plugged’ the last two parter for 3d creative. :))


I enjoyed reading your article.
I was also displeased by the lack of a better explanation for the ear sculpting but I understand the limitations.
I think I will buy one of your dvd’s since I enjoyed your way of teaching and explaining of things. But that after I receive the mac version of zbrush 3…