3D-user's UnMerge items

this is a tutorial on how to take apart a model that has bean merge together with subtools

as you can see i merge a pack of subtools together and made them ONE object

for examble lets say you made a charector and he had knee pads and you merge all the subtools together and found out that the knee pad was in the leg. etc

well im showing you how you would mask only one subtool and not the rest then you can use group split to make it a seperated subtool to edit only the knee pad

i hope you enjoyed this tutoreal as mush as i enjoyed makeing it :smiley:

c&c are welcome


A??? What you on about?

What 3d user is explaining is how to select(mask/unmask) polygroups on a subtool(or merged subtools).

While in move/scale/rotate modes you can also hold ctl+shift and click on the polygroup you want and zbrush will mask all other polygroups on the subtool.

Handy tip but it doesnt seperate the merged subtool it only masks by polygroups. To unmerge a merged subtool you need to use the ‘group split’ button under the ‘SubTool’ menu. Again this works by spliting a subtool up by POLYgroups(should be called Polygroup Split). :wink:

thank you soulty666 for pointing out what i misst in the tutreal :smiley: