3D Text & Vector Shapes missing in Core 2021?

ZBrushCore 2021.1.2 upgraded and I can’t seem to find the 3D Text and Vector Shapes plugin that was there for the ZBrushCore 2020. Is this feature taken away from ZBrushCore and reserved just for the full version or has it been moved to a new location and I’m missing it?

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No, that’s an error. The plugin is included but for some reason is not showing on the interface. I’ll let the developers know.


Any update on this? Text 3D is missing and missed in my system too!

Edit: I can copy 2020 version to plugins folder and get it “back” and working. Am I missing something with this old version?
This issue needs to be fixed in next version.

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Thanks for that workaround suggestion. It helped me out quite a bit. Seems like it should have been addressed by now.

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I have this issue myself. I can’t get any of the ‘included’ plugins to work on ZbrushCore 2021.1.2
The text & Vector Plugin isn’t showing up at all. When I try to copy the plugins from 2020 version I can’t find the file to bring it into 2021.

Upgade ZBrushCore. It’s version 2021.6.2 now and this issue is fixed.

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