3D Surface Noise with Noise Maker in Zbrush 2021 & Zbrush Core

Got a Cool little Hidden Feature within Surface Noise. Haven’t seen it used or talked about much at all, so I thought I’d explore the Possibilities of it. Instead of deforming the shell of the model it will create Geometry within the Volume of the object instead. Some caveats to it is you have to use a Dynamesh, so no UV’s, can’t utilize masks to scale texture, no real preview of what you will get until you Alt+Click Add button in Dynamesh, and little cleanup work is needed afterwards. All the Magic is in the Noise Plug-In in the Surface Noise, so go in there and explore what results you get with certain Noise Patterns. Below I have a Visual Guide to it and some Presets on Gumroad that you can get for Free. Also a Video Demonstrating it. Let me know what you come up with and Post on here.

Gumroad Files

Youtube Video


Great tips in your ZBrush ever growing exploration @gmp1993 :+1: and thank you for sharing the video and breakdown with the community! So many cool possibilities.