3D scanning & Zbrush

Hi Zbrushers!

How are you?

I’m working with Zbrush mainly to process scanned data. Recently I’ve build a 3D scanner, and I’d like to share how I built it. Read the blog article here: http://www.markflorquin.be/?p=9495

Here’s a screenshot of the result after editing in Zbrush:

I hope the article is inspiring. For the next scan I will record a timeline of the process from Raw scan to finished model. Stay tuned!





Very good.

Hi Mark,

Nice scan and a good 3D scanner setup looking forward to your tutorials. I’m myself is experimenting with the combination between Kinect reconstructme.net and Zbrush, because of the limitation of the kinect z depth res. There is a bit of cleaning inside zbrush but the future looks bright:-) Will follow your thread and maybe we could share some common knowledge to enhance the use of 3D scans technology and Zbrush.
Here is my result using my girlfriend as a guinea pig
Reconstructme test raw data and created my own BPR Shader


Thanks Jrulier!

Hi Daniel,

Cool result! I’m using the Kinect for base meshes and Agisoft for high detail textured scans.

I’ve just posted a new article on Cleaning up Scan data in Zbrush, keeping detail intact. you can see the article here: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?175991-Girl-in-blue-dress-full-body-scan-sculpting-in-Zbrush

Or watch the video’s on my blog: http://www.markflorquin.be/blog/2013/02/scan-data-sculpting-timelapse-zbrush-agisoft-mark-florquin/

There’s still a lot of cleaning to be done, very time consuming (I spent 6 hours from scan to finished model). but I’m learning and improving as I go.

On the next scan I’m going to project the data immediately on a UV’s base mesh to improve the workflow.