3D Scanning into ZBrush

I just purchased ZBrush and a new top of the line iMac. I’m no sculptor yet, (I can barely get through the “Your first day in ZBrush” tutorial by the recommended on-line tutorial company.

I am interested in 3D scanning items, importing them to ZBrush, cleaning them up, and then sending them to a Formlabs 3D printer.

My question is does anyone have any experience with scanners that are reasonably priced that can provide decent quality scans?


You might want to start out by using photogrammetry, which basically just requires a SLR camera (or any camera if you cant get a SLR, and then a software for creating the model from the photodata (usually 30-60 photos of the object taken from 360 degrees), such as autodesk remake (free) or agisoft photoscan(premium, but relatively cheap) - agisoft has superior quality if your happy to pay for it.

This video explains how photogrammetry works (using ‘prject momento’ software, which is now known as autodesk remake since May 2016) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=su3zt8Mi_4Y

Once you have your rough scan data files you then import them to zbrush to clean up.

What exact quallity you need? I mean which objects you gonna scan? How much details you need?
One of the ways is to use not scanner bus sensor (kinect for example) instead of a 3d scanner, cause it’s much cheaper. With good scanning soft. I know, that for example Artec Studio can work with sensors, to make up high poly model, which can be modified in Zbrush or other soft. What i like, is that there are trial version of artec studio.

Some information can be find here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/17826025/3D-Scanning-Mesh-Repair-Zbrush