3D Renders General Zod for Prime 1 Studio

Hello, Finally i have appoval to post there 3d rendes so I would like to share the images of General Zod I sculpted for Prime 1 Studio.
also I like to thanks all the people involved in this project, Prime 1 team, Art Direction by Pablo Viggiano and Creative Direction by Johnny Matsumoto Pham



Love the poses and the forms on al the pieces. Beautiful expressions too, all around stunning work!

thanks man!

zod video

i posted some of these here before in another post:

pablo-vicentin-mmdc-37-a07 pablo-vicentin-mmdc-37-a08 pablo-vicentin-mmdc-37-a09 pablo-vicentin-mmdc-37-b01-ex pablo-vicentin-mmdc-37-b08-ex-1

pablo-vicentin-mmdc-37-b33 pablo-vicentin-mmdc-37-b36 pablo-vicentin-mmdc-37-b37 pablo-vicentin-mmdc-37-b38

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Beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing. Great to see you back.

Thank you Paul :slight_smile:

here is a 360 video of the actual statue: