3D Prints Cheap+Good (Free Print Game is ON P.3!)

Hey guys! Just wanted to say something about a WIP project I’m working on. Been workin the last two months to set up a service for zbrushers where I 3D print your stuff cheap (well… relatively speaking).

  Basically, you send me your ztl file and I make a 9 inch action figure for you, fully colored with a base and everything.  I'm designing some official boxes too, but they're not ready yet.  Flat price $299 for any character regardless of size.  I print all your models in real plastic... not zcorp.
  Um.. my website is [www.ownage.com](http://www.ownage.com).. sorry, I still need to put more pictures up of models that I've already finished.  Big shout out to grassetti for helping me out with zbrush stuff.
  Anyway, any feedback would be great!  Hope this isn't off topic.  Send me your models!  I would love to make them for you!  :D 
  Oh yah, the new bases I'm using are the one's on hellboy, not the one on pumumu's sniper wolf.





Be nice to also see the zbrush models side by side for comparison

Yah… lemme see if I can pull up some renders, on my powerbook right now -_- (no zbrush)… but rafael gave me some renders. Gimme a few min =D thx for the reply

Here’s a sheet side by side with sniperwolf. Its much easier for me to do bronzes and single tones. Hellboy was the first full color model I did so I wasn’t really happy with the final paint. Could definitely do better with more practice. Hellboy side by side next.



wanted him to come out more orange… but yah… im working on making the whole process better… these were just the first… so keep em coming everyone :laughing: thanks for the suggestion gareee! I’m working on making a sexier flash animation that will pull up original renders and final models. ill try to support turntable uploads on the website too. shouldnt be too hard. appreciate any feedback!



It would also be good to mention how big you can actually make, and provide unpainted pics as well as the finished painted ones.

I know many people are looking for a good hard copy source.

I’m really interested. I already have an account!

Haha… half at a time? :laughing: For any humanoid figure print, its $299 for a standard 200mm head to toe model. The 200mm I measure doesn’t include helmets, weaponry, wings, etc. So those will push your model beyond the 200mm height (8.5+ inch) but its still the same price. Those are free. I’ll copy and paste the data from my ordering page… one sec… Thanks for the response guys! If you have any personal size requirements, I do my best to honor all requests. But because printing is like REALLY expensive, I’m almost doing these at cost not to mention the painting. So be kind and thoughtful when your only requirement is that its really big… At 200mm head to toe, the model print is really clear (because its plastic). Some of the details get lost in paint cause Enamel (oil) paints are pretty thick. We’re still working on the airbrush quality so that we won’t be losing any of your print details. Next time I make a model, I’ll take a picture of the model with only paint primer on it so you can see.

Copied from the order page:

Custom Figurine for ZBrush [color=#555555] Product Details

  • 200mm (8.5" to 9") from head to toe 1
  • Printed in Ownage Plastic01 :small_orange_diamond: toy-grade, durable plastics
  • Tamiya Enamel Colors
  • Custom weighted base for your model to stand on (default = black) 2
Production Timelines
  • Typically 2-3 weeks door to door. 3
  • Shipping Types Available:
  • Priority Mail/EMS (2-5 business days to most countries)
  • Airmail (10-16 business days to most countries)
  • Keep track of live day to day progress on your Order Tracking Timeline.
  • Return Policy
    • You can cancel at any time before [Stage 4 Manufacturing](http://www.ownage.com/official/wiki/Manufacturing_Stages) begins (typically 4 days into order).
    • D.O.A. figures are reprinted free of charge.

    1 For gnomes, dwarves, and halflings we typically make these at 60-80% scale to match the rest of our line. Busts are 120mm or 5 inches. If you have your own size requirements, please say so in your order comments or email us anytime at support@ownage.com.
    2 The Ownage autoprinter only makes character prints, user-created custom stands and bases is something we’re looking into.
    3 Sometimes we must pause production to achieve the best results. For example, if we are unable to automatch paint colors, we may pause production and ask if you would like to attach any comments or images to the order timeline.

    Oo… I see a typo, I do busts at 140mm not 120mm.

    Ok, as a flat our comparison… if you’re only speaking price, Offload Studios quotes a price of $500-1100 on their website for 9". I think they might be using ZCorp?

    Any plastic 3d printing will run you a couple thousand dollars at 9 inches.

    But its apple to oranges. I really really like what Offload Studios does, and they do a really good job. I still have a lot to learn from them. Plus they will do prints of any size! I only do prints up to the around 200mm size. I charge a flat price, so its probably in your best cost interest to get as big as I will allow. My desire is to make the most badass toy/model for you guys. If you’re looking for an “investment cast” I’m kinda new at this so you might have to coach me through what you want.

    I can do injection moulds and CNC work if you guys want to do full lines of 5000 models etc. Lets just keep it simple right now. 1 model, 1 print.

    A couple people wrote me PM’s to tell me that ownage.com doesn’t work right in IE. Thank you everyone!

    I’ll squash those IE bugs in a few hours. Just trying to catch a few hours of sleep. I wrote the entire website, did all the webdesign, and wrote the CRM + wiki all within the last two weeks. On top of making models and stuff like that -_-". I’m beat.

    If you see any more bugs… please digg it up on our feature request page… ownage.uservoice.com! You can vote anonymously. Plz be kind… I’m just a normal zbrusher like any of you other guys~

    Thanks desmoda. Keep us posted on your results. I’m looking forward to getting one of my sculpts printed at some point.

    Maybe we could have some sort of “3D Prints” sticky thread where folks can post the results of getting their models printed? It would be cool to see who’s doing what and how, as well as how well the prints are coming out and what not. This seems like pretty relevant info for us ZBrushers, and I would imagine probably be good for ZBrush marketing/publicity towards this emerging field as well.

    Oh hey MasterShokhan… I just checked out your blog. Man… I love your stuff. Ownage is primarily a game company so Anime + Comic models are really close to our hearts. Also saw some real sculpts/garage kits going on. I’ve always wanted to learn how to hobby mod from scratch using armatures and clay. Although the work Ownage does is very similar to spitting out garage kits.

    My inspiration for Ownage is from a semi-famous hobby modeller called Jin Saotome. That guy rocks. But I don’t rip apart models like he does, I make them all from scratch based on people’s 3D data. Hopefully one day I will make the models posable+jointed too though.

    Oh that reminds me, if you guys want to order Paint Primer only models so you can paint them yourself, garage-kit style. You can order it that way on the ownage website.

    I actually used to be an engineer on a VR team at uni doing stuff with the Sensable Ghost Haptic system that you show on your blog. Haha… good times. Actually ours was a lot bigger and we had these polarized 3D glasses.

    Thanks fattkid =D

    Your rates are honestly the best I’ve seen on the net. I joined your site earlier this week and I cannot wait to work with you in the future. If you have any questions about armatures and clay please feel free to ask.

    I have to agree, the rates are nice, the height is nice, however right away i noticed some detail loss on the sniperwolf, her left pants pocket and various large folds just seem washed out. What is the level of detail available. Also it would be nice to understand more about the process, you leave it somewhat vague, is this some sort of CNC or what? You also say various parts are handmade, so if someone had a cowboy hat which is thin or wings do those get printed from the 3dmodel or are they handmade, what if they have texture in them, how is that achieved? how much is by hand/eye?
    It would be really great if you could upload a video of your work process.
    Lastlly what if you don’t want your model even primered is that possible, to just get it raw?

    Hi spaceboy, thanks for helping us with the suggestions! I’m working on 4 more models right now so I was waiting to finish those so I could show you guys the results before posting.

    The sniper in the picture I did at 160mm. We do all fullscale models at 200mm now (minimum) since Raf said that was the minimum size it needed to be cool. Our general process is to print your model using industrial and medical prototyping equipment (made by Sony). Sometimes at the 200mm size, there's just no way to fix a part in Zbrush because it just won't print (like on hellboy, his rosary had a microscopic loop through which a string attached and hooked it to his belt). So we built the string form into his pants using resin. In total we spend around 40-60 hrs on each model. A little bait and swap some service bureaus use is to quote an insane price.. like $2000 for a model in plastic, then say.. ok do it at $500. What they do is print your model laying down flat on its back so that it prints in 2-3 hrs. But if you print it this way, even if you use an objet, it comes out looking really bad (tried it). I do all model prints standing up. It takes me like 18-26 hrs. Thats the technical reason why I dont offer models much larger than 200mm at the moment. I'll cut them up in the future. Most textures/alphas/deformations (even small ones) come out in the print... but are lost due to painting sometimes. I'm working on it! So I'm definitely experiencing a learning curve when it comes to Full Color models. I noticed that most people ask questions like "are there any mesh requirements for printing" etc.. I can't think of any other than make sure your hair has thickness. All other problems the server fixes by itself. Also we have the ability to use traditional hobby modelling techniques to make up for areas in which 3D printing still sucks. Some of our staff have worked on models for Pixar and the World of Warcraft models for DC, but not in a design role. Just in a manufacture+painting role. Sorry, the reason we need a minimum primer coat is because plastic01 is pure white. It's like looking at a model in Zbrush with Flat Shader on and set to White -_-".

    It seems like everyone and their mom has a printer nowadays :laughing:

    Hey MasterShokhan (haha I keep wanting to type shotokan), I was thinking about the garage kitting/hobby modeling you do at home. I think ownage needs to set up a way for people to get free or cheap prints later. So if you print your action figure, and zbrush another sword later. We just throw that sword into production for free? The issue is that I haven’t figured out how to elegantly code that into the website.