3D printing challenge

Hey ZBrush users,

We have recently started a small 3D printing challenge. The idea is simple you design a figure in your favorite 3D editing package, and if you win we will 3D print your model and ship it to you free of charge.

You can find more details about the challenge on our blog:

We are looking forward to seeing your designs :wink:


Hi I just noticed this post. I went to the site and saw that you have downloadable kits for 3D programs but not one available for Zbrush. I would love to give it a shot. How would I go about it in Zbrush or Maya 2008?

Hey TrappedInFlesh,

We had a similar request couple of days ago. We should have a kit for Zbrush. I will check with our engineers and get back to you tomorrow.


Hey TrappedInFlesh,

Here is a link to the design kit in obj format:


I downloaded it and it am working with it as a subtool. Do you need the kit to be a part of my model? I’m new to Zbrush so finishing a model by the 5th of June is an extreme challenge in itself for me right now. I have finals this coming week for my two classes, drawing and maya. and I work full time 40 hours a week. Thank you so much for your quick response. I hope there will be more challenges like this one.

Hey TrappedInFlesh,

If you want to participate, you just need to design a model (with kit or without it, it is completely up to you). Should your submission win, our engineers will make a bookend out of it, you do not need to worry about technical stuff.

Should we receive enough request we can push back the deadline, just keep us informed.

Good luck on your exams, and, yes, we will have more challenges like this in the future.


Hi every one!

Does this challenge still working…? I´m new user.:stuck_out_tongue:

" The submission stage opens today May 15th, and will run for three weeks until June 5th"