3D Printed Models

Hey Guys, I’m sharing with you my latest 3D Prints.
As a fan of the series, I’ve printed the Hound for the Game of Thrones. I’ve made it in parts, so you can actually move the Jaw of the beast.

If you have any question, suggestions please let me know. If you’re looking for the best 3D Printing service let me know as well, as I’m giving away my files for free download here at: MyMiniFactory

Also, I’ve made a simply breakdown on my modeling, enjoy:

Printed on FDM machine:


Download the Files at : MyMiniFactory






Hey guys, now that the helmet is finished. I’ll try to design a more ambitious model, I’ll print the hole body of the Hound !!!

Tell me what you guys think, I’m attaching my progress so far.

If you want to free download the Helmet, just go toMyMiniFactory


one more picture, C&C are welcome.

The head of the hound is to big compared to his body i guess.

If you want to free download the Helmet, just go toMyMiniFactory

great model, thank you for sharing, what printer do you use? thx

Thanks for the feedback, the Helmet has been printed on a ultimaker ! The full sized body is still on a printing queue !

there are so many printers out there now I haven’t heard of that one, I own Solidscape 3Zpro but it’s only for small models like jewelry and material is only good for casting as it’s very brittle

I also wonder how big you printed the head? resolution looks very good for such inexpensive printer

This is printed quite big. But I’ll print even bigger !!

The print bed is about 22 x 22 cm. FDM printer, on PLA.