3D printed Hulk

I made the full process by my self from scratch sculpting on Zbrush , then cut separate pieces for 3D printing also in Zbrush, then printed it on PLa, and finally painting using an airbrush and brushes.
Really enjoyed the whole process
The character size is 35 cm, and 37.5 with base.

2 IMG_20210910_144014382 IMG_20210824_111907624 ![IMG_20210909_125701549|660x880]

This was my setting for the photo session
(upload://b7zqiIbxPeil3fPRRZ6CfJeoZmr.jpeg) IMG_20220411_133341395

Here is a video to show the Sculpting i was making

This video is to show the process, from scratch in Zbrush to, the printing and the painting

And here a turn table of three different renders, the one in Zbrush, the second one whit a simple illumination and the base, and the last one in a dark backgeound and dramatic illumination.