3d portrait


this is my new work, a 3d portrait I made to learn more about skin texturing and realistic rendering. The model was sculpted in Zbrush and then rendered in Keyshot. The final adjustments were made in Photoshop.



Awesome work dude. Can you explain your texturing & rendering process? I am struggling to get such realistic look in my models.

Hey, I’m really sorry for the late answer, but haven’t been here for a while, so I didn’t see your answer. Thanks for the compliment, really appreciate it :slight_smile: For this model, I used some pictures high res pictures from 3d.sk. It was pretty simple, just using the spotlight plugin and projectingskin textures, than I extract skin details from the texture to make it more believebale during the render. The render was done in Keyshot, if I remember correctly, I used one interior HDRI map from Keyshot for the lighting, and for the material I used the human skin material from Keyshot, just tweaked it a little bit till I was satisfied. For the eyes, I used a material that I created inside Zbrush. For the post process, I used Photoshop.