3d Model To Profile Coin

Hi all , i am new to zbrush , but have used other 3d programs. I want to know if i can take a 3d model of a head , rotate to a profile view then depress the model like a profile on a coin.I then want to produce this head on a piece of jewellery. Now you will probably say why not model a profile onto a poly plane.The thing is i can make one model and then use different views.My other cad program is Matrix , a gui on top of Rhino 3d.This program can raise a mesh from a photo in relief , but the result often needs a lot of work to the photo in photoshop.Any help would be appreciated.

There are a few ways of doing it but I won’t go into details.

Firstly, you can load up you head object, rotate it so that it is facing sideways and then use “grab doc” from the alpha menu to make and alpha from the Zdepth IE It’ll make a bump map from your canvas based on the front-on depth. Your canvas size will reflect on the size of the alpha so if your doc is 700 x 700 pixels, your alpha will be 700 x 700 pixels, too. You can then use this on your subdivided coin object to give you your face embossing.

Secondly, you could add your subdivided coin object with your head object appended as a subtool. You would then scale the head object and squash it down so that it is the same size as the impression you want on your coin. Then switch to the coin object then use the “Zproject” brush to transfer the head depth onto your coin object.

Sorry, that I can’t go into depth on this but this should start you off.

Good luck

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Thanks for the speedy reply.I will try both methods you suggest.

Cheers Platman

:+1: :+1: Thanks REVANTO for your post. You actually helped me for a project I am currently involved in.

No problems.

I might get my friend to make a quick video tute on it.

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