3D model search engine

Hi, everybody!

A month ago we’ve started 3d model search engine.
Its like a Google, but only for 3d models.
http://3dmdb.com/ - 3d model database.

Soon we’ll add filters and search by pictures and by topology/profile/shape.

What else is necessary for your opinion? Would be great to get any feedback from you.


Great Idea. What I think would be very important would be a filter option for paid vs free.

Thank you! =)
Yes, we’ll do it very soon, filters by price/free and filter by format. Anything else?

Now filters by Price and Free Models are available!

Hi there!

Now, a full list of 3D models on model database http://3dmdb.com/ is 964.194 models.
I dream about 1000000 (a goold million))!Need more than 50,000 models, to achieve the goal.

Welcome any thoughts about (shops, forums, communities etc) where i can get 10 or 100 or 10000 on N models

There is another 3d model search engine with more than 2 millions 3d models.

It can filter by repository and by free/price.

It has 25 repositories in their index and works like a charm!


I hope it helps!

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Now you can search for evermotion’s 3d models directly from 3dmdb search page. It is convenient and saves time. Just select one from the drop-down list of stores

Direct link to 3dmdb’s search page is http://3dmdb.com/all-3d-models-from-evermotion/?q=

Great news! The number of models in our 3d Model Database reached 3 million models.

3dMdb.com is the unique 3d model aggregator and Search Engine. 3 million models for 3D printing, CG (graphics), VFX, Gaming, etc! To date, https://3dmdb.com indexes about 40 largest stores of models for printing and graphics.

Nice one! but i dont know how to work on it.

madhumithra if you have a question, please, ask :wink:

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If you are knocked down in search of Santa, we have for you 1074 3d Santa Claus and 1282 3d Snowmen. All 3d models of the world.

What is 3D Modeling i have no idea.