3D layers and blend shapes

( before, sorry for my english )


In this tutorial I’ll try to explain how to use 3D layers for detailing blend shapes.

It is for beginner users of ZBrush.


  1. Load a base mesh into ZBrush. ( *.obj )
  2. Create a new 3D layer.
  3. And load the blend shape model ( *.obj )
  4. Turn off the 3D layers and devide your mesh example to 4 level of division.
  5. Go to the Mesh Target and click STORE
  6. Go to the first level and turn on the 3D layer.
  7. Go to the 4 level and then again to first.
  8. Turn off the 3D layers and go to 4 level. :rolleyes:
  9. Create a new 3D layer and click Morh Target->Switch
  10. Ok, now we can to morph two models by click on/off 3D layer or intesity.

Thanks for sharing with us.It’s working nice, but very tricky.

Had you try it?

Good Topic, i am looking for a solution like that!
I definitly will give it a try. Psot my results later …Thx

Thanks a lot did the tutorial worked great, and it helped me discover how do sym displacements and repose it using morph targets brilliant. :+1:

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