30 Zbrush IMM Brush (Rope and Cable) +Texturing Tutorial

30 Zbrush IMM Brush (Rope and Cable) +Texturing Tutorial

This Product include 30 IMM Brush set for ZBrush in Rope and Cable Category.

You can find here big preview:


info about this Product :

  • 30 IMM Brush
  • Zbrush Brush , OBJ , MAX ,JPEG (preview)
  • a video tutorials-53 min

Video Tutorial :

I’ve selected 5 IMM brush for texturing and I’ve taught for you how to use a IMM Brush after that make a standard unwrap with use unfold3D finally I used Substance Painter for texturing .

  • Time : 30Min
  • Video Resolution: HD

Do you want it :slight_smile: : https://www.artstation.com/a/26378

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