Well, it had to happen one day I suppose. I’ve been watching those little dots of mine week after week, year after year, wondering if I would ever reach the heady heights of 1000 posts and here I am. I thought I’d take a few lines to use up this oh-so special-post so here goes.

Yesterday kind of sums up how I feel about ZBrush and art. I was out shopping with Pam (3 weeks until the baby is due) and I was thinking what a crap time I was going to have at her parents that evening (I get bored easily I you didn’t know). So, I stopped off at Borders book shop and wondered around for an hour trying to find something of interest. I didn’t. So, in desperation I made my way over to the magazine section and browsed through the Computer art magazines. I saw a copy of DIGIT magazine, one that I don’t normally buy, and read the front cover. It stated that one of the articles this month was Fantasy Art techniques - a step by step guide to Mastering Mythical art.
Whoohoo…sounded just up my street, so I took it to the till (along with the LOTR-TTT secial edition DVD of course), paid for it and headed for the car and on to the In-laws.
So, I’m sitting there later that evening and things were going pretty much as expected (yawnnnn: Out comes the aforementioned DIGIT magazine to aleviate the boredom. Not wanting to wade through the tripe at the front I turned to the article I’d bought the mag for and…It was mine, and it was ZBrush. Sitting there, leading the article which also included software like Maya, Photoshop, Poser, Max etc.

So, what I really want to use this post for is a little thank you to Pixologic and the guys. I use a lot of different programs for art now but I find that I am always drawn back to ZBrush. The mix of 3D and 2D complements my style and I feel comfortable with the whole interface and workflow. I have been one of the lucky few to be allowed to work with the beta over the years and I can assure you all that the next release will impact peoples opinion of ZB and raise it one notch higher in terms of the digital art software heirarchy. It is already being used by some big name studios, as you know, and as there is simply nothing out there that lets you do what you can do in ZBrush, it must have a long and happy life ahead of it. I’ve been part of the ZBrush community for three years this month and I hope to still be here in three more.




Truly inspirational stuff.Thanks.Good luck
with the baby,say goodbye to sleep.

Compliments Glen! :smiley: :+1:
Great work ever !!! :wink:

Congradulations Glen. It has been a heck of pleasure to view all 3 years of your awesome artwork. Truly one of the inspirations of what Zbrush can really do. More pics, more pics… :smiley:

Hi Glen
That’s a big one Poster indeed! :cool:
I trade 4000 of my speedy posts against a little fragment of your natural talent :smiley:
Have happy Zbrushing continuation ! :slight_smile:

You’re an inspiration to me Glen. You are the person responsible for me getting into Zbrush, and I am very grateful for all that you’ve done for this community. Your work speaks for itself, and it’s very inspiring. I can only hope to have such an experience as you have had in these three years. Here’s to the future!

And congratulations on for you and your wife, and your soon to be little one. :smiley:

splendid work, glen… you really have open a lot of doors, here… amitiés .M.

Truly fantastic stuff Glen. I love looking at your work, and I frequent your site quite often. You have a remarkable style and I have to tell you that it was your work that first brought me to look at Zbrush. I believe it was about 1 1/2 years ago I bought one of those magazines (Digit or Computer Arts) and noticed this fantastic work called “Ascension”. It was my first introduction to this software, and it has left it’s impression on my mind. Congratulations on this milestone! Looking forward to many more posts! Best of luck with the baby! :smiley:

Glen congratulation You ace make much for the Zbrush community,
would be thanked for it.
thank you for all the share of your techniques. :+1: :+1:

1000 post > 1000 tips/inspires

Congratulations to you and your wife and with your 1000 posts :wink:

Congratulations Glen, If in six years I can produce results that are half as good as yours then I would be happy!


First the best of luck with the new baby!!
Second,you are responsible for my purchasing zbrush also ( Digital Fantasy Painting )
The bad part is that looking at your work inspires and intimidates.
Inspires in that I want to try.
Intimidates in that I know I will never be as good
Congratulations and thank you for your inspiration and intimidation.
And I promise not to show this post to the in-laws

Bravo and Congratulations Southern. You have and always shall be an inspiration and a mentor for me in not only ZBrush but 3D and 2D.
I too hope to see you around here for another 3 years as well as be here myself. When considering the next release…it is not a worry.


Keep up the teasers (when allowed). :wink:

Congrats Glen. I enjoyed seeing your works before I knew exactly what zbrush was…Your heads have always inspired me to try harder. I thank you for that. In case I don’t speak to you in the next 3 weeks, may your child be born healthy and happy and your wife birth without incident. You will have to post baby pics for a bit for us after that :slight_smile:

BTW I am loving the sculpey works you are doing!!! Question, is the image you posted above going to be available in a full size poster to purchase? I would love to get my hands on one. Long live the power of the Z. :+1:

what a thousand Southern post !!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Congrats from all my staff as they have used your work for ideas on Zbrush’s usability in production.

Now, get back to work.

Well done ol’ boy!
Three years and your first star! Tells me your a man of all action and little chat! How many ZBrush pictures have you made??!! (1000’s??)

Best of luck for the final three weeks, and better luck with the following oncoming years! Upgrades all round!

How many stars do I have? - Oh! - better try and catch up!

Take care.
Upham :slight_smile:

Well, you’ve certainly hit 1,000 with style. That collage is dynamite and brings back a lot of memories – both of your remarkable (and remarkably profuse) artwork, as well as of the many great tutorials and techniques that you’ve shared over the last three years.

I believe that I speak for the entire Pixologic staff when I say congratulations, Glen!

Congrats Southern, it has been a pleasure to view your 1000 posts. I have not read them all of course, no really I have not, okay maybe I have. Needless to say, you, together with many other Zbrush artists, were instrumental in my decision to type in the magic numbers that made my bank balance sheet so much more interesting to watch. And I thank you for that. It has truly been amongst the best money I have ever spent.

All the best for the future as well as for the new little Southerner. Remember to begin the Zbrush training early in his/her life :wink: Cheers :+1:

Thanks for all your fine contributions and assistance - :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: