2D to 3D Bust Challenge

Ive been attempting a few sculpts regarding this topic recently and thought it would be cool to see what you guys could come up with.


  • You can pick any 2D character to base your sculpt on, just state what cartoon/comic/game they are from.

  • You can create your own base mesh, or use an existing one (demo head in zbrush, free one from gnomon workshop…) - it doesnt matter, the final product is what counts.

  • You can submit as many characters as you like, but you must select only one to put forward to be judged.

  • Other 3d applications CAN ONLY BE USED FOR CONSTRUCTING BASE MESHES. This is a sculpting challenge afterall :wink:

  • You have complete freedom on your approach, eg heavily stylised, realistic, manga… pick any style you want.

  • This is a bust challenge so no full characters please, if this challenge takes off that may be a topic for next time.

  • You can present your render however you like (eg add text or borders in photoshop - be creative)

  • You can use as many subtools as you require.

  • All texturing must be done inside zbrush using polypaint

  • All rendering must be done inside zbrush

  • All members of Zbrush Central will have the choice to vote should they choose to. Voting will open after the challenge end date and run for 1 week. Each voter is asked to select their top 3 favourite entries and order them 1-3. 1st place gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 points and 3rd gets 1 point. Once the points are counted the top 3 will be identified.

  • Start Date is 8th Sept 2010 - End Date is 8th Oct 2010.

Feel free to fire any questions and il try to answer as best i can.
Have fun guys

Heres some that ive been working on recently… Ive tried to go for a semi realistic approach with the polypaint / render, whilst still remaining loyal to the original characters appearance.

Peter Griffin.jpg


Stewie Griffin.jpg

Stan Smith.jpg

It’s been such a long time since I did any zbrushing, but I love those two cartoons " Family guy and American Dad". I think your Stewie is just great and so is your Stan.:smiley:
I’m up for doing a bust of the “old pervert” from Family Guy. I’ll get started right away. This should be fun, hope more join in.

@DigitalDreamer - the old perv from family guys called “Herbert” cant wait to see how he turns out.

Im in on this like, gonna try Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Give me something to do while im waiting on my coursework coming through.

do so wonderful,do you have other works like this?:confused:

Ok, here’s my Herbert from Family Guy. Only took about an hour and a half to sculpt from one reference image found on google. Great fun though.:smiley:



ROFL! The “You Like Popsicles?” is really what sells this piece. Nice work, best voice in television.

  • Digital Dreamer: Thanks for the complements :+1: Herbert rules!

  • Snakecharmer1985: Glad to have u on board, look forward to seeing how ur shaggy turns out.

  • Nancy: I have a manbearpig sculpt from south park, although thats a full body sculpt and in a more realistic style than these ones. its on my sketchbook thread if u wanna take a look.


Oh btw guys, feel free to post wips so we can all see how the characters are takin shape.

Quick attempt at Homer, im not 100% happy with it, something dusnt seem quite right…

Anyways, similar style to my others, attempting realism with the textures.

the HAIRs!!!

you forgot the zigzag hair around the head and the 3 ones on the top :smiley:

I’m an old new member.
Here is my entry
the hair are not like I wanted but I don’t know what material choose and the details are not very good.

Even though most of those seem mostly accurate, they are creepy as ****. Especially the Homer with the realistic skin tones.

Some things should stay 2D. . .

sounds fun, I am thinking about my entry :slight_smile: Tick Tack

K ive gone back and tweaked homer slightly as i wernt happy before…

iv looked at the mouth shape and the chin and altered them. Ive also tried to make him look less angry/intense by raising his brow and making the pupils bigger. the new render is using best render followed by bpr, it gives a slightly different effect, the colours arent as dark and the sss seems more apparent.

gona add the hair strands later…

Lovin Homer Simpson, looks creepy as hell.

Getting there with Shaggy, he just needs a paint job. been kinda addicted to Mafia 2 (play it if you aint already, excellent game, a bit short though) but finished that now and can focus on ZBrushing

Does anyone know if you can change the background colour in ZBrush 4, to just one solid colour that could act as like a bluescreen?

Might spend a little more time painting him, as i just kinda slapped it on. But here’s Shaggy so far anyway. Used one of the sketch matcaps. Crits very welcome.

I repainted Shaggy, i’m a bit happier with this one. Crits welcome


Thought i’d try something a bit different, he’s a long way from finished but here’s Goofy so far.

Low Poly Base mesh and hat made in blender3D, mucho sculpting in ZBrush

Goofy WIP.jpg