2022.0.7 import fbx issue

(I am using Google Translate.)

In version 2022.0.7 FBX does not load in the correct position.
It will be positioned twice as far from the origin (0,0,0).

(Picture Attachment 1 - Max Pyramid)
After making a 1m pyramid in 3dsmax, export the FBX to ZBrush.

(Picture Attachment 2 - Zbrush picture attached)
Import FBX from Zbrush.
Then, import the ZBrush primitives with Append.
You can see that the position of the pyramid is strange.
If there is no problem, these should overlap each other.

Again, export this pyramid to 3dsmax.

(Picture Attachment 3 - Pyramid stacked in two)
Pyramids have been loaded with a misplaced position. :frowning:

Shall we try again?
Let’s bring the upper pyramid back into ZBrush.

(Picture Attachment 4 - Distant Pyramid)
The gap gets bigger as you move away from (0,0,0).

The 2022.0.5 version or the 2021.7.1 version before I updated was not like this.

Additional questions with bug reports.
Permanent users are aware that the last version of zbrush 2022.0.7 is no longer available for updates.
Does this include fixing bug issues?
If so, I need to downgrade to a version.
Where are the download archives?

I think I’ve also had this issue, although I was working in 2023 version. Exported FBX from Cinema4D and didn’t notice it was off until I brought it back into C4D. I checked my originally exported FBX and it gets imported back into C4D at the correct space, so I don’t think it’s fault of the export. Also tried to see if there’s any import options in the Import FBX option but no luck.

Sorry I can’t help but I’m also wondering what the solution might be.

We have also noticed this exact behavior. It is not present in 2022.05 (cant test 2022.6)

Been banging my head against the wall all day trying to track it down.

Using .obj seems to work.

Hi Everyone,

Please direct all technical issues with ZBrush to ZBrush Support. We simply cannot assist you in depth over the public forums with these sorts of problems that will require the exchange of advanced system and license information.

Thank you!

Hi there.

I have exactly the same issue with zBrush 2022.0.7 at work.
Is there any solution?

Looking forward hearing from you.

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