2021 Wrap-up for Cat Banjo

In spite of breaking my arm this past March and other massive life changing events, I was able to rehab enough to pull off a few models.

I am very proud of the discipline to keep things moving forward and to find the lesson in the difficult moments, and without too much detail, there have been some doozies. Here’s the thing…I am an optimist and everything I have been through, not this year, not only the past two as we move into year three of C19, but the totality of my life has brought me to today. Also, there have been a select few who hung in there with me (you know who you are)
Thank you so much for your support
I am forever grateful.

So 2021, you can step down, move on and I welcome the psychological “reset” of this Solstice and January 1. The doors are Blasted open W-I-D-E for the bounty and blessings of 2022.

Let’s win this one and build on what has come before.!

Bright horizons and happy trails to you all!

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