2021: Significant loss of performance when turning on Polyframe on certain meshes

Viewport is buttery smooth until I turn on Polyframe, where it drops to about 1fps and stutters really badly.

This only seems to happen on certain meshes.

Windows 10
Threadripper 3970x
64gb RAM

video: https://youtu.be/u5CJQvMEy1Q (the mesh is only 2mil polys too)

Hello @AristotlesLantern

What version of ZBrush are you running? When 2021 was first released there were a number of performance issues related to the use of Windows Ink. To my knowledge, most of these issues were addressed in the 2021.1 update. If you are not running the most up to date version of the program, please upgrade.

Keep in mind that turning on polyframe mode will reduce performance on very dense meshes, but I wouldn’t think to the degree that you report.

If your program version is up to date and you are experiencing this, you should report this issue to Pixologic Support.

Good luck!

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Oh huh. I’d missed that there was an 2021.1 update. That’s completely fixed the bug.

Thanks @Spyndel