2021 Beta Parade!

Hello everyone. I wanted to share my BETA artworks from the 2021 release. I had a ton of fun experimenting with the new tools, and most in particular with the cloth and MicroPoly.

Here is a parade scene that I built out using those tools.

I used the cloth tools and brushes to create these awesome parade balloons!

I played around a lot with the MicroPoly tools to get good building facade variations. These building pieces are available on my ArtStation Store for anyone who would like to purchase them for their own use.




Very cool beta tests Stephen! Thank you for sharing :wink:

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Thank you Jaime. I appreciate it. Glad to have been part of the beta :slight_smile:

That balloon effect is so realistic… im off to play with dynamics

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Awesome stuff. Thank you for posting.

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@ministerart @PixoPaul Thank you both. The new tools are amazing. I love how much you can do with it.