2021.7 MulitMapExporter_2021 Interface item could not be found

I updated zbrush with the updater and I get this error every time I launch the program. We use this plugin a lot, so it’s pretty important that it works. How do I fix it?


Hi @Zo_Nanoko

Did you use “updater.exe” or “ZUpgrader.exe”? You are supposed to use ZUpgrader.exe. You might have to download and install the full installer now.

Upgrading From an Earlier ZBrush Version


oh boy… I’m 75% sure I used upgrader since that’s what I normally do, but I’ll just try the whole re-install thing anyway.

As Zber2 says, a clean install is probably the best thing to do. I think you probably have two versions of the plugin installed, causing a conflict.



Yup… that did the trick, and I didn’t even need the backup of my brushes and UI (which I was certain would all disappear with an un-install) Thanks for all your help!