2021.7 - Bevel Arc Brush messing up sides

hi - I am just trying the new Bevel Arc Brush and have the problem that it messes up the sides when bevelling interior edges with ALT. The same happens with the Bevel Flat Brush. Masking the area does not help…

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

1_tool 2_sides messed up 3_same with Bevel Flat Brush 4_masking does not help 5_masking does not help-2

Hello @3Divo

Your brush influence is pulling points from the sides. You may be able to diminish this effect by masking the sides and/or enabling Brush> Auto Masking> BackFace masking for the brush.

However, you are altering the shape of the mesh. Some stretching of the polys near the edge is unavoidable. For a simple shape like this, ZRemesher should be able to clean that up easily with either the “Detect Edges” or “Keep Polygroups” options enabled.


The bevel brushes are cool but I don’t think their limitations have been explained. They cannot follow curved edges. To understand this try to bevel the edge of a cylinder.

The bevel brushes are camera based. Looks like they simply take two planes defined by the initial two points of contact and bevel their intersection as far forward and backward into the canvas as there is geometry. So, for example, the brush won’t, by default, bevel around the edge of a cylinder. However, the brush respects symmetry so you can brush bevel the edge of a cylinder by activating radial symmetry with a high radial count.

hi Spyndel, thanks - that did it for this situation!

thanks for your reply -I agree: its cool for some situations but has a lot of limitations:

e.g. bevelling those interior edges does not work, even though their are straight. Symmetrie does not help here…