2021.6.2 - Parts of mesh ignored randomly

I am reposting as the original thread had a incorrect example.

Here is a video showing the issue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/izdyroakbm7bx43/bandicam%202021-03-13%2014-58-27-103.mp4?dl=0

As you can see there is no masking or polygroups yet I am unable to paint on random parts of the mesh. This has never been a problem prior to 2021.6. You can also see that some parts can be painted on if I smooth it first. Really weird.

Did anyone run into this issue? Any idea what else might be turned on that can cause this? I’ve reset UI to default to make sure but it’s still happening.

Hi @bestmayne
Would you mind checking if that particular brush isn’t set to Once Z ?
Picker >Depth > Once Z - should be Cont Z



Yeah I can reproduce it with Once Z enabled (makes sense, one sample of z buffer per stroke). What I don’t get is what actually enables this as I have all stock brushes and it only happens in 2021.6

Hello @bestmayne

There’s very little information here. Please post an uncropped screenshot or footage of your entire interface while you’re experiencing the issue. If you’re not comfortable doing that here, you can go to Pixologic Support and start a conversation there.

Thank you!

I think I’m having a similar/related issue,
some brushes [mostly the standard base type but not only]
randomly stop working.
This has never happened before 2021.6.2
I checked that cont Z is on.
[i’m on a Mac MBP late 2013 ]

[Edit] found the answer on Support page

thanks a lot

Looks like it, thanks Akash!