2021.6.2- closing project on start up error

Since installing 2021.6 every time I launch Zbrush the startup project immediately launches the closing project window and I have to then click, save, no or cancel. Whilst this isnt stopping Zbrush from working its really quite annoying to have to do this. Any thoughts if this is s bug in the update or if I’ve changed a setting somewhere. Maybe in zstartup utility plugin? any thoughts would be appreciated.

This is new in 2021.6, we have an option to autoload recent project.

If you’re using zstartup utility (zstartupmaster), disable this :


If not , it will load 2 times, first time your zstartup project then your last opened project.

So I cant use the startup utilty anymore with out having that closing project popping up every time. I’ve tried disabling the autoload recent project in the preferences but that only stays disabled if i also disable the startup utility.

Maybe im doing something wrong but if I disable the autoload recent project button in the preferences it is re-enabled every time I launch zbrush. That means every time I sculpt a new thing I have to remember to go into preferences and disable it.

I really dont want to use this feature. How can I permanently disable it so never have to go into preferences.

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Every time you make changes in Preferences, you have to store the configuration so those changes remain permanent. To do that, after you have disabled “Autoload Recent Project”, you can either go to “Preferences > Config” and click “Store Config” or you can just press Ctrl+Shift+I.

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Glad I found this thread, this has been driving me crazy!!! Always that feeling that youre doing something stupid but you cant know all these changes are being made!

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