2017 Personal Work Dump

After years producing very little personal work, I’ve got the bug back a few months ago and decided to dedicate some time to myself now that the kids are a little bigger. I will post a batch of personal work produced this year, all WIP. The clay renders are in the most part 2-3 nights sketches, while the textured models are longer projects done to learn Arnold, which is the render engine used in all shots. I am terrible at replying, but I will be watching this thread as much as possible. I will be adding the other ones below, since there’s a limit of images per post. I hope you like them.












What more can be said Kris !..

Exceptional works !

Best of luck finding more personal time with your family and with your sculpts !

Thanks for sharing !

Maybe post some larger renders if you find the time?

Thanks again


hey kris!

great to see you are back.
beautiful work as always.

looking forward for more from you.


Very goood pieces. Very nice to look at!

Nice form and detail!

stunning work!! :+1:


Fantastic work. Wow. Love your Rondo Hatton too. Amazing.


great work … respect :+1:

Wow. Really breathtaking stuff!

Thank you so much for the kind words guys and thanks Pixo for the top row.

@Selwy, I was JUST looking at your amazing stuff the other day, since I have plans to maybe get some of those pieces CNC’d in wood. That would be amazing! Still looking for places here in the US where they can do that kind of stuff, using a 5 axis CNC machine.

Here’s an update on the likeness of this guy. ZBrush/Arnold as usual:

Congrats on the top row Kris, guess old is still gold! :wink:

lovely sculpt , one of the master of modern cinema !!

more please :slight_smile:

hey man, I love your work! I am curious, are you using arnold for Maya?

I’m also curious about how you did the hair for the textured piece of the child without eyebrows, in particular the lower face hair and the eyelashes, they look so great!.. did you use fibermesh?

Keep up the great work!