2016 ZBrush Awards - The Nominees


Throughout the past year, you’ve been voting on your favorite images posted here at ZBrushCentral and we are pleased to now announce the nominees for 2016. Every post between June 15, 2015 and June 14, 2016 was eligible for an award.

Please congratulate all of this year’s nominees. Their work has been exceptional!

Then come to the ZBrush Summit, where this year’s winners will be announced live at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, October 1st, 2016. For those of you who cannot attend the Summit in person, it will also be LiveStreamed to the world.

The nominees are:

(Click the names beneath each image to view the nominated ZBC posts.)

Leslie Van Den Broeck · Alexey Kashpersky · Piot Rusnarczyk

Image of the Year.jpg

Jeen Lih Lun · Ehsan Bigloo · Hossein Diba

Sculpt of the Year.jpg

Mateusz Wojtas · Daniel Bel · Ehren Bienert

3D Print of the Year.jpg

Hossein Diba · Disney Animation · Dariusz Andrulonis

Top Row Post of the Year.jpg

Naughty Dog · Disney Animation · The Mill

Game Art of the Year.jpg

Blizzard Entertainment · Naughty Dog · Ubisoft

Studio Thread of the Year.jpg

The Mill · Ben Mauro · Disney Animation

Film Art of the Year.jpg

To qualify for a nomination, works must have been posted at ZBC between June 15, 2015 and June 14, 2016. Nominations for threads must include a minimum of 6 images. ZBrush must have been an integral part of the creation process to qualify. For collaborations (including studios), all artists names will be present on the award that both worked on the project and posted images within the winning ZBrushCentral thread.

Don’t forget that you can already vote for the winners of next year’s awards! Just click the Vote button found over any image throughout the year running from June 15, 2016 through June 14, 2017.

Wow! I would not know who to choose! Congrats to all the nominess!!!:+1:

yes yes yes best ones …awesomasticallistic fantasticallistic marvellastic lovellastic legendarallistic epicallistic artists…as i always say keep 'em comin:+1:small_orange_diamond:)

was not expecting this 0_0 thanks for the nomination and congrats to all nominees

awesome … great… all are winners :slight_smile: