2011 My work

Hi, i`m a 3d artist from South Korea
I used to watch “Game of Thrones”, so I made this. It takes 2~3 weeks. And it’s rendered with the Mentalray.


zbrush copy.jpg

max Dx face.jpg

max render21.jpg

This is really impressive, nice work!:smiley:

really great execution and result man. i`d like to see some textures maps if u dont mind =)


what an excellent work!! please keep posting, i would like to see more inspiring stuff from you.

Amazing Model! Congrats! :+1:

Good job!!! looking so sexy ! :lol:

wow! this very gooooood, congratulations! :wink:

:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:great work - clean modeling , top row stuff IMO !!! rock on !

Wonderful piece, really great work man! Game of thrones is pretty addictive^^
Great result mate the rendering and clean and solid sculpt is really nice!:+1:
Keep it up!

  • Kenny:)

Nice work!


Great stuff!
Is that girl elf in Game of Thrones? Everyone tells me I should watch that show. I really like the subtle but very female pose.

Very nice work! I like the pose also. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Great work here! I thought exactly the same, that characters are from Game of Thrones (the first figure reminded me of Sean Bean from GoT)
@monstermaker: I wud listen to the recommendations if I were you, yes you must watch Game of Thrones, no questions asked ^^ !

love your characters :slight_smile:

Your stuff looks good.

keep up bombastic ! :lol:

This is stunning… the young elf lady… VERY well done. One odd thing, she must be related to this lady, the Human Magnet Lady… the way her bow is suctioned to her back. I am joking of course. I got a giggle out of it anyway.

Have a blessed day,




beautiful work!

wow! stunning!

your GOT Charakter is one of the most amazing Game Models i’ve ever seen, great texture work!