2.5D Tiling Texture Workflow

I’ve been working a small video series that examines my 2.5D tiling texture workflow from zbrush to photoshop, and thought I’d share here with the community. It’s targeted for beginners and students as it was meant to supplement a class I’m teaching, but there’s some intermediate tips throughout too. It covers canvas controls, layout tips, materials, basic rendering and a photoshop demonstration. Hope you enjoy!




Very cool. Learned some stuff, esp about the Layer palette! I’m an old newbie but use Genesis so just now getting into texturing and need all the tips I can gather together since most folks use ZB from start to finish…


Thanks for the tutorials. They are great and I enjoyed alot. I do have burning question which I haven’t found a solution for as of yet. How do you tackle a situation if the brick work doesn’t fit in the frame (because of width issues) as you can see in my example. Can you still approch it the same way as shown in your tutorials? Can it be done? Or would you need to just draw one brick each time? drop on the canvas / rotate it. Instead of importing a pre-defined base set (tileable) setup already layout.

As you can see the base setup does tile perfectly, but I’m unable to fit in the canvas.
If you perhaps know a solution, would certainly like to hear from you. Thanks again for the wonderfull tutorials.

Hi decorix,
if you want to use your pre-defined base set the easiest solution I can think
of would be to cut it to a square before you bring it in to ZB.Just take the left-
and upmost point where the joints meet and draw/cut a vertikal and a horizontal
through it repeat that on the lower right side with the appropriate distance.Maybe you
will have to scale the whole pattern a bit to make it perfectly square,but that
shouldn’t be a problem.
Hope that helps,good luck.