1st try with ZB3

ok my first try with zb3 and like many of you i havent sleep in 2 days, im think im getting blind :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, that tank and the skulls are proof your eyes are working just fine. Very nice job. :+1:

thats awesome.
was that made from an imported base mesh or zspheres?

box-modeling for the tank the rest is out from primitives :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks both for the comments :smiley:

Itz a Life Style.jpg ok i think im done with this one, im still having lots of problems with the lights and rendering shadows anyone? :confused:

Matcap materials have the lighting built in. You need to use different materials to get good renders. I think Matcap was only intended for use while sculpting or for presentation.

oh i c, yeah that would make sence, those should be in its own category to avoid conffusion

sum left overs :stuck_out_tongue: Zkull.jpg

I am making some of my own MatCap materials. I find a lot of times when I render with Best Render I get weird dark shadows. So I usually just leave the preview render. However some materials work fine if you are using them to paint with even the Mat Cap ones. Another thing is to switch off Shadows when doing a Best render if the shadows show weird artifacts.