1st post :) ZBrush Models

Hello everyone! I’ve been meaning to join ZBrushCentral for a while now and I just kept putting it off because every time I come on here I see everyone’s work on here and it blows mine out of the water LOL but I thought this is the only way I’ll get to that level is to start joining in the discussions and learning from the best so here I am :slight_smile:

Here are a few renders from Last year

Here are a few of my version of Poison Ivy from Batman.

Tetsuo from Akira

I’m working on some stuff now but because of NDA’s I cant show or share anything until the final product is complete :frowning: But I’m starting to work on a piece for my portfolio so I’ll be posting my progress on that when it’s a bit further along.



poison ivy 2_smaller2.jpg





Welcome to ZBC! Nice first post!

Nice Ivy sculpt, I really llike the shapes and pose. Only thing that bugs me is neck area, sternocleidomastoid looks a little bit weird.

Love the poison Ivy! Very sexy :slight_smile:

Thanks guys I appreciate the comments. I see what you mean about the neck part xenoo, I should have had it angle to attach behind the ear rather than going straight up like I have it now. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll adjust that on my current sculpt as well.