10 days left to compete for 7500USD prize pool in Sports & Hobbies challenge

CGTrader is now running a challenge with prize pool of 6000 USD in cash and additional 1500USD in licenses and subscriptions. All you need to do is to create a 3D model of an object you can use doing any sports or taking hobbies from music to painting. Here is a list of suggestions from us of what could it be (though the list could go on and on). Think outside the box and surprise us!

If you already have some models fitting the theme, you are even one step closer – just check the technical requirements for the challenge and adjust your models. There are some technical aspects such as formats accepted to keep in mind as well as some more general rules regarding presentation of model and IP rights. Just look carefully through all of them and get to work.

Though technical rules are quite specific, we do also have a visual guidefor you to better understand what is behind every rule (and even some tricks on where to find functions within Maya or 3ds Max). And if that is not enough still, keep in mind that our team gives feedback on every single asset (if there is something that needs to be corrected), so this challenge is also a great learning experience and a chance to get some expert comments.

It is not only an opportunity to improve skills, develop creativity and put your work in front of the eyes of vast audiences of both CGTrader and Adobe Stock, but also to win great monetary prizes. Six designers, considered as the best ones in model and portfolio categories, will be awarded from 500$ to 1500$ in cash and additional subscriptions.

Sports & Hobbies challenge ends in 10 days, but we are sure that’s more than enough time for designing a ball, a piano or anything else that pops into your mind when saying Sports & Hobbies.

Don’t miss your chance and join the designing party now!