1 Layer Transparent Windows - Tutorial

Here a ZScript (v2) of one method to make transparent windows in a 3D object where the frames are one material and the windows another … also you can see the backside frames.

There is one problem with it that material of the windows “overrides” the material of the back side frames cause of the 2.5D nature of ZB, However, since I thought this might be usefull to somebody … I recorded the method.

Thanks to Andres, Veyes and Z2 for the help. (the ZSCR is actually the method Veyes’ taught me … sorry about shortening ur name Veyes … I always shorten names cause its easier to type em :slight_smile: )There is one mistake in the script where I adjusted the RGB/Z-Int while not in transform mode … just igonre that part :slight_smile:

The most intersting part was using double sided on the 1st instance.

hope it helps someone :slight_smile:

Heres the ZScript …


Didn’t see you posted this before now. Cool you got it working and thanks for bothering to record a script for others to learn :+1:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> sorry about shortening ur name Veyes <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
No problem, shorten it any time you want an R :wink: