ZSpheres Rigging Unwanted Twisting of the Skin

I have weird behavior of ZSpheres when used for rigging. When I am posing - rotating the Leg from the hip (side view) the Skin of the Leg, especially the Foot is twisting around the ZSphere chain . Only the rIgged Skin is twsiting, the ZSphere Chain keeps the right orientation.

I found a topic about this issue, unfortunately there is no solution:

I can confirm, that this is happening, where there is a corner in the chain. Example: leg to foot 90 degrees . The arms for example are evolving more straight down the chain and do not have this behavior.

Some Images below…

Please help!

Thank you!

Hello @hri-hri

ZBrush version and OS ?

Note that there was an issue with adaptive skin twisting on MacOS that was fixed in ZB 2021.1. If this applies to you, please update your program version.

Converting ZSpheres to adaptive skin no longer causes twisting on macOS </blockquote>

zBrush 2021.1.1
Windows 10

I am aware of the Adaptive skin twisting…

Actualy my issue consists since many versions. I opened a earlier project where i made some rigging, and i found snapshots of poses, which have the same behaviour. Which means it is not new version issue.

It means actually, that my leg/foot setup should always has the same result when posing. Can please someone with more zBrush rigging experience confirm this? Or is there a work around for rigging leg/foot?

I really need to get this rig working properly. I need to stick to zBrush because of different subtools, which i have to individually combine and edit after posing.

Please help!