ZScripting Help Forum Guidelines -- Please read before posting.

Welcome to the ZBrush ZScripting Help Forum!

This forum is meant for sharing tips, techniques, and other information as it pertains to writing ZScripts and developing ZPlugins. This includes tutorials about ZScript authoring.

All threads should have one of the following words at the start of the post title: “Question:” “Tutorial:” “Tip:” or “Code Sample:” followed by a title that clearly states the content of the post. In the case of questions, this will help the people with answers find you, and for everything else it will help keep the forum organized and make it easy to locate the information that you need.

Finished ZScript utilities should go in the ZScript Utilities Forum. Please note that neither forum is the place to share tutorials that take the form of ZScripts. Those should go in the Tutorials Forum instead. It is also not the place to share recorded sessions.

Thank you, and happy authoring!