Zeus vs Indra

nice work buddy :slight_smile: congrats for the top row.



Very cool work!!

Brilliant work Gurjeet!

You have basically blown my mind with this work. I originally had a vision to create, paint, model, sculpt various deities of ancient myth and religion, but was never satisfied with my own depictions and feared to possibly offend by wrongfully depicting something to an audience so I never published those works.

Your Zeus and Indra are truly inspiring and I hope that you might explore further cultural deities (so many to choose from) in future works!!!

Gurjeet, this is amazing work!!!

Congrats on the top row which is much deserved.

well deserved top row, great sculpt

congrats & cheers

Excellent composition.
The only thing I’d point out is their grips are very loose on the weapons. If that was intentional then never mind. :wink:

Wow truly incredible… Did you hand draw all the scales on the snake? Also how did you manage to detail his chest piece? Did you draw out all of those details or how you go about that?

I will pm you my address to my apartment so you can send me on of those 3d printed for my center piece on my dinner table.

Congrats for top row Gurjeet. awesome work. I really like the sharpen details. Awesome.

Perfect job .

Wow…this is so amazing!

Absolutely stunning.

Gurjeet!! Man you are extra ordinary. Awesome

Bhushan: Thanks bro.
LocKy10: Thanks lokendra bro :slight_smile: !!
Nandalskar: Thanks alot buddy !Wuling: :slight_smile: !!
Man Thanks alot !! really means alot coming from you !!
Thanks bro !!
thanks alot for kind words buddy !! it would be cool to see your version too man, :slight_smile:
Thanks man !!
Thanks buddy !!
Thanks for feedback I really appreciate it man sure I am gonna put more attantion on this next time :)!!
Thankyou man, I used scale alpha you can found on google easly, :slight_smile: //cheers//
Thanks alot buddy !! I really appreciate it !!
Thanks man !!
thanks alot buddy !!
Thanks alot brother !!
thanks for kind words bro !!
Happy new year guys !! //cheers //:smiley:

congrats on the tr…awesome image!

Awesome top row! Nice tips too.

gurjeete--------------> awesomastic as i always say keep em comin:+1:

this is absolutely stunned me for 1st i saw it, what an attractive piece !
can you share us the technique for making the seamless pattern on those armors/weapons ?
much appreciate !

well deserved amazing work