:sunglasses: Very cool… I like all of them!!!

Thanks,pleased to read that.:smiley:

very good start, once you start you can´t stop eh? XD
I love these heads, looks very cool

Byes :slight_smile:

Thank you and yes ZB is highly addictive,but when you
notice it’s too late already:lol: .

Hi again,
this is another test piece,kind of first try to sculpt something
that’s similar to my airbrush stuff.Still a long way to go :smiley: .

Have a nice Z-time,J.doh.jpg

Sour?..The last face would make a nice wood carving.


Pretty interesting things you got going on here in your thread. Each of them have a lot of personality and character. Keep up the good thread!! Not sure why your thread is only rated 3 stars, rating system i’m starting to think needs to go. Rating says 4 stars is good and your work is at least good for sure. So going to give you 5 stars to boast your thread, well deserved!! Keep em coming!! :+1: :+1:

it is great that you just keep experimenting and pushing with these faces and even better that your sharing your approaches with us here as they are inspiring. You are making a lot of progress quite fast with this and you experiments with wrinkles and expressions are excellent. I will keep coming back to this thread in excitement to see your progress.

…indeed :slight_smile:

Hah! Pretty damn cool designs! And very inspiring! more more!

Very amazing work. Your extremly creative, well done exercises will get you to the top in a couple of months, I think. I’m interested in what will be next.

Cheers “ko’gen”.

pride: Bitten (by) a lemon. :smiley: Thanks,wood carving would be nice - as long as someone else does it.

AngelJ: Thank you! As for the rating in general,i agree it should really be abolished or at least connected to replying since low rating seems to be a new sport these days.

Arran J Lewis: Thanks a lot for your kind comment. And btw,i’ll keep an eye on your impressive skeleton as well.

Frenchy Pilou: Hey man, long time no see,thanks for dropping by.

PedramK: Thanks,glad you like it.

kogen: Thank you kindly, i hope that i’ll be able to improve my skills.

Thanks again y’all, very encouraging indeed,J.

Hello there,
this one is meant to be a pseudo olmec head.
Originally sculpted from a polysphere it was
then retopologized in ZB.First i layed out
the new poly distribution by painting it on
the model,a process that can be really nerve
wrecking when you’re not used to it btw.Took
several times longer than the retopologizing
itself,which went smooth and took about 4-5 h.
Got it from 1.572mill polys to 690,241 polys.
Then some more sculpting and surfacing.
The second image is a composite made from
Terragen2 Technical Preview renders with a
little postwork.

Have a good one y’all,J.


The head renders are just awe inspiring, and all of it is very original.

Thank you John!:smiley:

Hi again,
this time it’s for the clay tubes and a little projection.It
started as a floating head i did for render tests with xsi,but
then i decided to do another test and projected the front
part on to a plane (via subtools -> project all,level by level)
and sculpted some more.
Since these were done with the clay tubes brush in wanted
them to be rather rough like clay sketches.





Have a nice Ztime,J.onPlane-compo1.jpgclayhead-compo1.jpgviews.jpgprojection.jpgDefault_Pass_Main.jpg

The first one is amazing. I like this alien-like structure coming out of the plane and merging with it’s head. Great sculpt.

Cheers “ko’gen”.

great ,great stuff! i love it

Alex Oliver

i like your second better , man , great inspirtation!!!:+1:

WOW. Great one. Really like it.