Welcome to the ZClassroom thread!

Here at Pixologic we are deeply dedicated to helping all of our users grow as artists.
This is why you will find hours of ZBrush training videos in the ZClassroom. Videos that
will introduce you the fundamentals of ZBrush and take you on to more advanced techniques.

The purpose of this thread is for the following.

  • Posting questions and comments related to the videos in the ZClassroom.
  • Posting suggestions for videos you would like to see added to the ZClassroom.
Please do not post any technical support questions in this thread, as it is for ZClassroom related discussion only!

I am looking forward to hearing from each of you, as well as helping
all of you grow as ZBrush artists.



This is a great idea!! I am subscribing to this post, so I can see how this thread evolves. I look forward to the responses!


going to subscribe to this thread :smiley: looking forward to see how this thread will evolve…

on the suggestion side, it would really be helpful if zclassroom can include a tutorial on how to handle skin pores and wrinkles … i tried to find tutorials about that for ages but can only find handful of those… :C


being a beginner in zbrush I could only dream about a thread like this haha. Subscribing.:lol:


I coulda sworn I saw an explanation about skin pores once, using the noise function and masking.


Same here!
should be an interesting thread :slight_smile:


until now I’ve found all the video produced by You, Pixologic, very useful and clear like ZSpheres2 and the new Noise function.
The other videos are good too, I like the wide variety of arguments: from architecture in ZB to sculpting for 3D printing to tips from veterans! :+1:
The only sad point is we are still waiting for the three COMING SOON videos, personally, I’m waiting for the Steve Jubinville’s Harvester of Doom: my suggestion is to put link to video that can be watched, so no more COMING SOON!
You can use this great forum to tell us if new videos are available or sending us an email You have: there’s no need to have a COMING SOON to make us checking Your site and finding nothing new!
I’ve lost faith after a while, I know artists are busy, I know knowledge has a price (they could sell it instead of sharing freely), but if You say there will be something, it will be! Or just delete them and it should be fine.
Anyway, thanks for Your efforts. :smiley:
A (no more crying) baby.


tx martin. i ended up wording what i had asked ya bout wrong. what im kinda looking for is applying an alpha to a mesh or part of a mesh that allows you to create the thread of cloth. it would be like applying the alpha globally. so it appears uniform. ive seen alot of people do it but have no idea how to go about it. http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?t=086033 its the first head image that im kinda pointing out. tx a ton for any help!


I would like to suggest more environment and texturing Tutorials in relation to games please. There are a few for rock face and surface tiles, most note worthy being the Uncharted 2 thread


And some of the work of Kevin Johnstone for GOW


And the Zclassroom Sebastien Legrain Architecture creation but I would like to see much more please.

Might I even suggest that ZbrushCentral could have its own Environment Art section?

Thanks for all the great work this forum just gets better and better…


I would like to see a series of videos going over brushes. I still don’t know what the elastic brush is good for. Most of us use 3 or 4 brushes because we don’t know what the benefit of each brush is. Why use Magnify over inflate? That kind of stuff.

Also, the new folks( anybody after 2.0 ) have no clue what Projection master can do or when it’s best to use it. They need to be brought up to speed.:smiley:


There is already a great tutorial on Projection Master in the ZClassroom by artist Sebastien Legrain. You should watch it to learn more about how Projection Master will allow you to precisely place sculpting data exactly where you want it. Sebastien has used these techniques over and over on his production work.


Hey Martin,

great idea for a thread! I’ll be watching this!
The one thing i’d like to see is a short tutorial about the Boolean operations. It’s still a little bit hard for me to figure out the order of the subtools, so that the operation works the way i want to. Now i believe that the Booleans will get a makeover in ZB 4, so if that’s the case *hint *hint, don’t bother, i’ll be waiting for Z4 then :smiley:


I’ll be subscribing as well. I look forward to learning new techniques and styles of execution.




Subscribing to the tread :+1:

Workflow Tutorials - Keep updated videos for new ZB release The awesome power of the ZB3.5r2 Kraken is released and most current workflow has changed!

For example Zmapper. Whether or not the new way of creating Norm Maps works better, it was a cool program! moving the light around, exploded view. AND the vids I paid for to learn how to get maps out of it to work in Maya!
(Thanks Scott Spencer!)

ZB to x program
:large_orange_diamond: So I would like to see people I trust explain the NEW WAY to do what we spent so many hours learning to do before!

…and as thedust stated: the three COMING SOON videos

Great work Pixologic!


:sunglasses: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: !


I have seen it. I have been here since 1.5b. I was speaking for the new zbrushers. It is a great tutorial, but it only covers Arch. Can’t we have more than one video on such a robust/ under appreciated subject?:wink:


Hi Martin,
With the recent additions which expose more and more Hardsurface-Mechanical-Modeling capabilies Zbrush gets increasingly interesting as as a conceptual tool for Industrial Design. These additions are actually the reason why I bought the program. I personaly would love to see Tutorials which further extend in the direction the Pixolatators Car in the 3.5R3 announcement-video and also the recent Watch-Animation pointed out. Yes, I am absolutely aware that guys like me do only represent a probably vanishing small user-group - but you asked for suggestions - so here it goes :slight_smile:

  • best Geometry-Exchange with Programs which write non Subdivision-optimized meshes
  • getting the most out of a less than ideal topology while avoiding manual Retopo (Product Design typically don't have High Frequency Detail and don't need clean/animatable Topology - output gets reverse-engineered in Nurbs anyway)
  • Getting the most out of the automatic remeshing on Meshes with uneven distribution and Quad/Tri-Mix Topology
  • smart Use of the Boolean-Subtool-Options
  • loading/repairing/editing of Scanmeshes
  • working with precision (smart use of Markers and Image-Planes)

I’d like to see a tutorial on using Image Plane for realistic Head Modeling and an update on those COMING SOONS or just take’em down.