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ZBrush is all about imagination, helping you as artists to unleash your potential and create whatever you can imagine.

ZBrushCentral is a place where artists can meet and share their ideas, vision and techniques. As such, contributions both new and old are constantly capturing people’s imaginations and inspiring all of us on to new heights.

What better way to measure the topics and contributions that have captured your imaginations as ZBC members than what threads you tell your friends about and keep coming back to? We’ve been watching and there are now several threads that have been so incredibly interesting to everyone that they have racked up over 500,000 views! In fact, there’s one that has topped a whopping one million visits! This is an absolutely incredible accomplishment and deserves special attention.

To that end, we’ve created a new forum specifically for these blockbuster threads. Starting immediately and going forward we will move any Top Row thread that passes 500,000 views into this sub-forum.

This will serve two great functions::large_orange_diamond: First, it serves as well-deserved recognition for those artists whose contributions have been so outstanding that they’ve struck a chord with hundreds of thousands of their fellow members. Well done! You represent some of the absolute best of ZBrushCentral and it has been a pleasure to watch the way your work has influenced people.

:large_orange_diamond: Second, it serves as a central place where such great contributions can be collected.

Click Here for the Forum

While we may be starting out with only a half dozen threads, it is our great hope that this number will swell in the coming months and years. Be assured that we will be anxiously watching for when we can move the next thread into this gallery! There are actually several well on the way.

For now, please join us in congratulating these phenomenal artists. Give yourselves a pat on the back while you’re at it. After all, no thread could achieve a half million views without you – the many ZBrush users who have shown such interest in the software, the forum and these specific threads.

Happy ZBrushing!



This is great BUT the images are broken in the posts in the Most Popular thread.

For example see this:


Broken images. Hardly any fun to view these threads with all those broken images, right?


its about time :slight_smile:

would be great if we could vote too to have certain threads in here as well.


Brilliant idea


PIXOLOGIC always ahead. ever.


This is a wonderful idea…like Treasure Box(es) :smiley: :+1: :+1:


Well, i dont want to be the ******* here but what is the point ?
Are those view unique ? Because, me myself browse the forums a lot and some of those threads i viewd like 100 or more times, since i registered this account, and did so not because i follow this thread but because its on top of the forum
(someone posts and it bumps up) so i end up checking threads for new stuff while i drink my coffee in the morning…

Again, i ask, what is the point ? Ill understand if in this new subforum the threads are only with quality stuff… but we’ll see in the future.
SpiritDreamer made 200k+… :sunglasses:


Even if you are simply clicking on the threads that are currently at the top of the list, there’s a reason some threads are at the top more often than others so that you end up clicking them more. It may be due to the fact that the artist is contributing regularly. It might also be because the thread is awesome enough that lots of people are commenting, telling their friends who view it an comment, etc.

Given that ZBC2 has been around for about 6 or so years now and there are only six threads thus far that have reached this number of views, it’s clearly a very uncommon event.

Hopefully the threads that make it in the future will be equal in quality to those that have thus far. Even if 1% of them end up being questionable, that still leaves 99% that are well worth it.


Another mind dissettler, no more noble than top row :-1::wink:


Thanks for this, lots of stuff for my inspiration folder. :+1::+1::+1:


Epic Idea


I so dontget this?..its become a numbers game?.. bad call :-1:


Nice :+1:
I’m sure there will be plenty of threads to come in this section…

However, one that came to mind that needs to be here which isn’t:
I noticed Mutte’s sketchbook isn’t in this section and I really think it should be added there. Pretty sure there are other similar threads that should be there but this is the one that came to mind and which I wish to bring to your attention.


I hope I’m in that 1%, would mean I have accomplished something that isn’t wanted of me as other 99% accomplish. It would mean that I didn’t accept the standard established by the professionally deformed, and the quantity of the grey mass influenced by those trend setters, but went my own way and still made it here with more than half million views. :+1:


I am in complete agreement with EricShawn, still broken images here. I use a few of these for regular inspiration, so if you could fix this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.


yes,you are right!good stuff!


You just got a brilliant idea.


gooood idea


Thanks for the free Upgrade Zbrush, very nice job you people are doing, you have served humanity well !!!