ZBrushCentral Interview -- Mass Effect 2

Fantastic game, and great designs. Can’t wait for 3!

This game is awesome!
Loving the interview.

Nice interview guys! I haven’t played the game yet, but from what I saw so far, the art looks great :+1:

Great stuff! Keep up the great work, and hopefully there’d be a mass effect 3… The visuals in this game is really quite a notch up over the previous one. Congats to the Bioware team!


This image was bugging me so I have to comment …:confused: … The hands are tiny, and the head’s a little on the large side and just looks totally out of place against the rest of the geometry.

The Biceps are pushing through his body armor and just the overall flow of the body and the gesture just dosen’t look quite right.

“Well that’s my take on it” :rolleyes:

“Garrus, Mordin and Grunt are some of my favorite game characters of all time.”

I completely agree.

yea, this model is realy bad :confused: but nice interview! and great game!!!

its what happens when small men take steroids! The body musculature becomes enormous and everything else either shrinks or stays small. I’d say this guy was 1 steroid away from becoming a BearSharkTopus with chicken legs.

Hey guys, to answer your “tiny hands” concern, he is not on a custom rig so he has to conform to the exact same hands and skeletal body proportions as Male Shepard and every other male character in the game (perhaps look at the ME1 box art). That way animation can just drop in a pre-existing rig and begin weighting (a lot of the time our guys have big bulky gloves on, not bare hands). More importantly the entire male animation/pose library can be applied and a whole new library does not have to be built. His hands look small because his arms and forearm are huge compared to his wrist/hand area.

He also has a very tiny unnatural waist, which gives the optical illusion that his shoulders are much broader, and his quads a bit bigger than they are since that distance could not be changed, again the same as Male Shepard.

Hope that sheds some light on things, Ken

Really big fan of the way this game looks and all the artwork, especially the alien characters. very inpsiring, congrats on all the great work.:cool:

The wide angle camera lens doesn’t help either :wink:

The proportions of that character looked okay on the actual ingame screenshots as far as I can remember.

I think the angle is making the character look a little weird , But If I imagine the Lower portion below the waist (even with the distorted view ) a little longer then its ok else I think its really a very good character and the texturing is also nice.

amazing, interview, amazing game :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I get in awe every time i play…i am playing on my third playthrough and it never gets old…and the article really got me going… :slight_smile:

interresting kolby wrote here… used software: mudbox…

beautiful post, thanks for sharing!!


the game is really-really cool.I have played it two times once as a soldier and then as biotic.The most crazy stuff i like is 1) Miranda(she is just so beautiful)
2) Normandy SR2
3) Grunt
4) speaking style of Mordin Solus
5) artwork and concept of Vorcha
6) the detailed artwork and conceptuization of different planets
7) i specially like flamethrower weapon.
8) Collectors, when i saw their artwork i was blown over but could not find the same detail in the game.
9) the story of game is fantastic.
10) although lot of attention has been paid to illusive man.i din find him that much inspiring as a character.
11) concept of mass-relay.WOW.

still exploring…
but great work guys.

Those are great characters, great work

Aldin Bilalovic

This was really cool. I loved this look into the making of my favorite game of 2010.