ZBrushCentral Interview: Epic Games - Gears of War 2

mind blowing stuff guys. thanks for sharing!

Best interview you guys have done IMHO. I am a bit biased though, as I love all things GOW. Amazing work being done there! The WIP models are just incredible.

WOW! That is some EPIC s**t man!!! :smiley:

great interview, thank you for that a lot guys. Epic team keep working on awesome stuff like Gears are. :+1:

Cool interview and nice pictures. :+1:

What’s up with the StraightPerm.com : : Hairpieces” text at the top of all the image pop-ups? Did someone lift a Javascript image viewer application from another website and fail to notice that it had that text incorporated? :o

That was great! Thanks Epic and Pixologic… Those Creatures are just Insane!
As far as I’m concerned you guys set the bar for gaming creatures!
I am now inspired to add a HELL of a lot more detail to my creatures… and I thank you for that…

So frigg’n sick! I am addicted to the game and it’s just insane you guys are willing to share the process and models with us. Rawk!

Now back to kicking some more Horde ass…

Thanks again and it would be great to get some insider tips from the artists as well.

good stuff - really like the look of your characters :+1:

Very nice Interview.

Kevin Lanning is one of my favorite digital artists, so I was in heaven, and being exposed to all the other amazing talent was fantastic. Nice way to start a new year. :smiley:

It’s a shame that this game is Xbox exclusive. I have spent many hunderds of euros on my computer just to be able to play games like this. It hurts my heart to see something so amazing and to know I will never get to play it :cry:

Spend another 100’s for XBox :cool:

It’s shame I don’t play games. I would try this one out, looks trully amazing.

very super extreme excellent interview!!! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Very nice Interview.:+1:
Thanks Pixologic and Epic:laughing:

nice interview, thanks.

Gotta say it’s about time someone got some decent res images on this game of the high res models. I got excited by the interview on another site, that there would be high res images, and of course was disappointed with super tiny images. Thanks a lot guys for the larger images, as well as the interview. Great stuff

Awesome work guys. The detail on that Corpser helmet is mind-boggling…:eek:

Keep up the good work and make sure your artists get a good break between modeling sessions! You want to make the most of them, after all…:stuck_out_tongue:

I love the fact that the heads in Gears bare a strong resemblance to the Art Director’s head. He’s all, “No! I said make it realistic! The neck needs to be thicker than the head!”

Just kidding. Awesome work!

this is so great was playing the game with a buddy when i saw this, still can’t believe how amazing it looks!

WOW !!! Those are amazing